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1 - Faust2Wam node script:

You can generate WAMs directly from the command line using the faust2wam script (you can get it here:

Example of use :

rm -rf test/out # make sure you are under the faust2wam directory.
node faust2wam.js test/rev.dsp test/out

2 - Dynamic WAM compilation

You can also dynamically compile faust code from your host and generate WAMs on the fly (info also on

Example of use:

// Load the WAM
const { default: generate } = await import("./dist/index.js");
// Load the DSP file
const dspResp = await fetch("./test/rev.dsp");
// Generate the WAM
const WAM = await generate(await dspResp.text(), "Reverb");

3 - FAUST based WAMs with spectral processing (FFT): read Shihong Ren paper presented at WAC 2024 (read it here: or see the slides: